Resources for Geocaching


A Podcast about Geocaching's List of Applications

A great starting point for understanding which software you can use for Geocaching.

Pocket Query from

Make custom "playlists" of caches that you can upload to your GPS receiver (requires use of GeoJournal, MacCaching, or another GPS desktop program)

Geocaching on the iPhone has the ultimate geocaching application - one tied directly to their website. Even if you have an older iPhone that doesn't support GPS, you can still search for caches by ZIP code (it just won't be able to tell you in what direction and how far away it is - you'll need a handheld GPS receiver for that). Technically, it works on the iPod Touch as well, but since you need WiFi to download information, it is less useful.

Blackberry GPS Resources

Check out this page - it has a one-stop shop for GPS and Geocaching on the Blackberry

GeoJournal - for Mac

A quick overview of this very useful software for the Macintosh - displays cache information downloaded from, then allows you to upload to your GPS when NOT connected to the Internet - a useful tool to carry with you if you're caching in a park full of caches.

MacCaching - for Mac

Similar to GeoJournal (above)

Paperless Caching

If you have a web-enabled phone with graphics (iPhone, Google G1, and Palm Pre), you can browse on the fly, in the woods. Otherwise, you might need a way to see notes, hints, etc from caches while you are out looking for the cache. You could always print the page for each cache, but isn't part of geocaching the connection with nature? Click "Paperless Caching" above for resources on using your mobile phone or PDA to save the notes and hints for each geocache.

Geocaching Tours

Give visitors a way to take a virtual tour of your campus, of a park nearby, or anyplace on the planet.

DNR Garmin

This extension was built to provide users the ability to directly transfer data between Garmin GPS handheld receivers and various GIS software packages. Using this program a user can use point features (graphics or shapefile) and upload them to the GPS as Waypoints. Line and Polygon Graphics or shapes can be uploaded to the GPS as Track Logs or Routes. Conversely, Waypoints, Track Logs, and Routes collected using the GPS can be transferred directly to ArcView/ArcMap/Google Earth/Landview and saved as Graphics or Shapefiles.

Lancaster County Conservancy Geocaching

Because of the fragile nature of many these properties, geocaches many not be hidden by the general public.

Don't Follow the GPS Blindly - Example