Seek & Spell

A Real-Time GPS-Based Word Building Competition (courtesy of

Developer Description

“To play Seek ‘n Spell, grab some friends and head outside to the nearest park or other large open space. Start up the game, and your phone will display a map of your location and place letters all around your playing field. Run around to collect the letters, and when your location matches the letter location, you pick up the tile. You can have 10 letters at a time, and the object of the game is to build as many words as you can. The more letters in your words, the more points you get, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.”

Using Geocached QR Codes for Revision in a PE Classroom

The students were then given a blank answer sheet and the GPS location of the first QR code. Once they managed to find the code they used their mobile phones to scan and reveal the question which then needed to be answered correctly in order for me to share the next GPS location. This process repeated until they reached the last QR code which included some further information about the assessment piece. The students were also encouraged to utilise their MP3 players to listen to their audio workbook and podcasts of key content if they were unsure of an answer.