Paperless Geocaching

If you have a web-enabled phone with graphics (iPhone, Google G1, and Palm Pre), you can browse on the fly, in the woods. Otherwise, you might need a way to see notes, hints, etc from caches while you are out looking for the cache. You could always print the page for each cache, but isn't part of geocaching the connection with nature? Click "Paperless Caching" above for resources on using your mobile phone or PDA to save the notes and hints for each geocache.

CacheMate for Palm

more info here

Using your Garmin Nuvi for Paperless Caching

This website gives very specific instructions for creating paperless cache entries on a Garmin Nuvi (car gps)

Geocheating: Making Impossible Geocaches Possible

Sometimes you need the hint, right? This website has a great review of different ways to do paperless caching.