PETE & C 2009 Session Number: KL17

Where's Waldo? GeoTag! You're It.

Wednesday, February 11th 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Program Description: Like playing hide and seek? What if you could teach your core content at the same time? Learn how to use geotagging with Google Maps and Geocaching using GPS units to transform your classroom into an empowering, exploratory environment and get your kids moving around and having fun.
Affiliated Organization: PAECT
Session Location: Hershey Lodge
Room: Cocoa Suite 2
Presenter: Kristin Hokanson kristin.hokanson(at)
Co-Presenter(s): Chris Champion chris (at)
Strand(s): Emerging Technologies/Trends, Instructional Strategies/Successful Practices
Audience(s): K-8, 9-12
Level: Introductory

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Resources Already Out There:
Dr. Alice Christie's GPS and Geocaching Guide for Educators ( )
EduCaching: A GPS-based Curriculum for Teachers ( )
Londonderry School, Harrisburg ( )
GroundSpeak Forums - GPS in Education

Theme Caches
Degree of Confluence Project
Evil Green Menace
Heart to Heart
Including Groundspeak documents & a PDF and Keynote version of our presentation