Feel free to add lesson ideas to each subject area, or to add a subject area
Most of these ideas involve hiding manipulatives or information inside a cache container, then asking students to find, catalog, and process the information discovered in each cache. This strategy allows teachers in any subject to use Geocaching (not just science or social studies).

Boiling Springs H.S. Seniors get to Geocache for Gym Class


Geocaching Grant Lesson Plans

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Longitude, Latitude, and Coordinates
Coin Caches
Giga-Caching in the Park
GEOgraphy and GEOmetry Amazing Race
Cross-Curricular Lessons
Life Science: Cells
Passport to the Continents
Gadgets and Toys: Securing the Future of our Energy Consuming Lifestyles
Geocaching for America's Art Treasures
Puzzle Project
County Cache
Historical Scavenger Hunt
GPS Polygons
Software Integration Class
Geometry Class
Create Your Own Adventure
Evaluating Habitats

What to Place In a Cache

Use any of the examples below to place in your cache containers.

What City Am I?

Hints are given regarding famous cities, students must find the caches, and decide what the city is - or write down enough information that they can return to the classroom to research the four cities. Printable cards may be hidden inside each cache.
(sample file: )

Order of Operations

Each cache has a number inside - only when you find the right container will you know how to complete the math equation:
(A - B) รท (C + D) (caches are not identified inside as "cache A" - only the correct coordinates will tell you whether you have the correct number)
(sample file: )

Classifying Items

Each cache has items that have SOMETHING in common - be it color, shape, purpose, etc. Examples include smooth objects, objects with similar colors, even types of rock or plant.
(sample file: )

Additional Resources

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