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THE MEDIUM: G.P.S. Marks the Spot
Treasure-hunting for the satellite-savvy, socially networked set.... 03/29/magazine/29wwln-medium- t.html

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Learn how GIS is being integrated into the classroom
When most people hear of geospatial technologies such as geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), and remote sensing (RS) tools, they often think about car navigational systems or mapping tools.
These applications can also be used as learning tools in the classroom. Learn out how schools are doing it today.

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Using GPS and Geocaching Engages, Empowers, and Enlightens Middle School Teachers and Students
Great article by Alice Christie, Ph.D. The GURU of all things geocaching about using Geocaching to engage MS students. Geocaching--A High-Tech Treasure Hunt
Geocaching in Education: Where the Students are the Search Engine
GPS+Geocaching+Education=FUN! Using Handheld GPS's in the Classroom
GPS and Geocaching--Authentically Engaging Curriculum GPS Activities & Lesson Plans
GPS Lesson Plans
ISTE Geocaching in Education: Have You Found It Yet?
A Kid's Introduction to Geocaching
Learn About the Benefits of Geocaching
The Encyclopedia of Educational Technology--GPS and Geocaching in Education Geocaching Toolbox