Keystone / PAECT Regional Events

Click here for information about this summer's KTI/PAECT Regional Trainings on the following dates:
June 19: MCIU 23
June 23: Lincoln IU 12
July 7: IU 1
July 14: NEIU 19
July 14: NW TriCounty IU 5
July 15: Blast IU 17
July 17: Appalachian IU 8
July 21: Schuylkill IU 29

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Use the Calendar page to find out if there are events happening in your area.

PA Geocaching Groups


The purpose of this group is to promote the sport of GeoCaching in Northwestern Pennsylvania and the tri-state area.

Central PA Geocachers

This group is for all those interested in geocaching in the Central PA area. Here you will find information about upcoming events as well as park regulations and anything else helpful to geocachers in the central PA area.

Keystone Cachers

Keystone Cachers is a group of people that have been bit by the caching "bug". We come from very diverse backgrounds and a wide range of ages. Everyone is welcome to join us and there is NO COST to join.

Lehigh Valley GeoCachers

This site may be used by any GeoCacher in the Lehigh Valley, Lehigh county and any surrounding county or anyone that has GeoCached in the area. It may be used to communicate with other GeoCachers in the area. Lets see where it may lead. We will make rules as we go along.

SouthEastern PennsylvaniA Geocachers

The SouthEastern Pennsylvania Geocachers is a group that aims to help sponsor and encourage the world of geocaching to the surrounding communities

Three Rivers Informal Geocaching Organization

TRI-GO is a (dis)organization of geocaching enthusiasts in southwestern Pennsylvania. We’re not sure what TRI-GO stands for but we think that it could be an acronym for Three Rivers Informal Geocaching Organization or something like that. The purpose of this group will be to coordinate events and promote geocaching in our area. There are no dues or anything like that because we want to keep this club free and fun. Anyone interested in geocaching in SWPA can join us in our disorganization.

Southern Tier Geocachers

This group is for Geocachers in the Southern Tier area of New York and North Eastern P.A.. Here you can discuss new ideas and make announcements about geocaching. All Geocachers are welcome to join